Cj The Great! (boigrrl1der) wrote in gaylansing,
Cj The Great!

LeT's ChaT AbouT...

TransGender Michigan has restarted an exciting traveling discussion forum entitled "LeT's ChaT AbouT" This forum allows transgender individuals, allies, significant others, friends, and family from around the state of Michigan the opportunity to discuss a variety of specific topics of need and interest to the transgender community. We want to hear from you about topics you'd like to see discussed. Previous topics included The U of M Comprehensive Gender Services Program: Gatekeepers or Allies?, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival’s “Womyn-Born Womyn Only” Policy & Camp Trans, BULLIES!, No Passing Zone:
The Pressure to Pass in Our Communities, and VIOLENCE:
When bigots attack. Please let us know what topics are important to you.

~Cj Tune
TransGender Michigan
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