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Fill your toy box while helping TransGender Michigan!

Pride Month Special

For the month of June, Purr will be giving 10% of all sales to TransGender Michigan.


Our Mission: Purr believes that it is the birthright of every consenting adult to explore and experience the full range of his or her desires. We are devoted to researching and providing the widest selection of the highest quality sex toys, films, books, and information in a profoundly respectful, aesthetically pleasing, easily navigated environment.

Every day, we all juggle a wide variety of commitments to work, family, and friends and as a result, it’s all too easy to skimp on time for our own needs. Here at Purr, we believe passionately that your pleasure is as important as your obligations and that your time is as precious as your pleasure, :We research every product we carry so all you have to do is pick and choose from the highest quality selection of toys, films, and literature.

To learn more please visit:



(866) 352-5080


Please feel free to forward far and wide!

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